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Hi, readers,

Very glad you want me to do it for you. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the services listed below:


Yes, I'm a freelance writer too. I write articles and blog posts for people. My articles are unique and are ranked well in search engines as that may be judged with my blog content.

For now, I charge the sum of $5 or #1500 per 500 - 1000 words articles and $8 or #2500 for 1000+ words articles.

I also write stories (fictional and nonfictional), drama and poem playwritings suitable for online and news publication, novel compilation, acting at parties and anniversaries.

You can contact me for negotiation as per this.


I'm also glad to tell you that you can hire me for your blog design. I'll give your blog a very good look with a responsive template.

For now, basic design will cost you only #4000 while the premium design costs you #5000 only. 

What extra services will you get for premium design? After I give your blog the beautiful look you want, 
  • I'll write a blog post about your blog and publish it on my blog;
  • I'll publicize your blog on my social media accounts 


Are you a newbie in blogging platform (blogger blogs)? And you need a mentor? My door is open for you! 

With what I've been able to acquire on blogging, I will mentor you from "creating the blog" to "making money with the blog". You'll  have full access to me whenever you need my attention. Are you interested? If YES, then hire me now

For now, blogging mentorship is negotiable individually. Contact me directly for the necessary negotiations


Do you have any product you'd like the masses to know about? Or you want people to know the kind of services you render? Easymadblog is a right place for you. You can easily advertise anything on this blog for a token.

For now, banner ads cost just #5000 per month while text ads cost #2000 per month. I don't do animated ads yet. 

That's all for the services I render for now. One or more of the services may be erased or updated tomorrow! 

Note that the prices you see today are not fixed, as they may increase tomorrow. 

What are you now waiting for? Hire me today. 

Are you interested in any of the above-listed services? Visit this page for the next step to take.

If there is anything you'd like to ask me or you want to talk about negotiations, feel free to use the comment box below or contact me directly today!