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7 Simplest Ways To Reduce Blog's Bounce Rate

Do you want to reduce your blog's bounce rate? I bet this is one of the best pieces you can confide in, that will reduce the rate at which readers leave immediately they land on your blog.

If you have been struggling with traffic issues and finding it hard to get loyal and consistent readers on the blog,  that may be as a result of your blog has a high bounce rate.

What is a bounce rate? 

Bounce rate can be calculated as the percentage of time that users spend on your blog till they close the tab.

The thing is,  when a user visits a page on your blog and leaves without even getting to view or click on other pages on your blog,  it is termed as "bounce."

A high bounce rate could be a sign that your readers no longer find your posts interesting,  your site design is crappy, your blog takes a longer time to load, or you do not have an enticing landing page.

In this post, we are going to be looking at some of the main reasons why your blog bounce rate is high and possible ways of reducing them.

What are some of those things that affect your Blog's bounce rate? 

  • Your Blog takes longer time to load 

This is one of the reasons why you have a high bounce rate.

Site speed is among the Google's 200 Ranking factors and has a great impact on your blog SEO.

There are a lot of sites and competitors out there who blog in the same niche as yours. In fact, many sites have comprehensive articles than your blog.

So,  if users find it hard to access your blog because it takes a longer time to load, they would be forced to resort to other blogs who would still give them what they want.

  • Your Blog posts are Crappy 

One of the main reasons why people would want to visit your page is because they are looking for solutions to a particular problem they need to solve

They need more information to what they are looking for.

If readers land on your blog and can't find anything useful or possibly find it out to read your articles because your blog posts are not well arranged and too choked up,  they would have no option than to leave.

  • Your Blog Design sucks

Your Blog design is one of those things that affect your bounce rate too.

Tess Hermann once said, and I quote: 'if you do it right,  it will last forever. '

The logic is simple, if your blog design is appealing,  you would not be worrying about your Blog's bounce rate.

  • Your Internal linking strategy sucks

Internal linking is one of those On page SEO strategies that determine how well you rank on search engines.

When you write on a particular topic, always link to other posts or websites which are relevant to that which you are writing about.

This would increase the time spent on your Blog and reduce your Blog's high bounce rate.

  • Blank page

If you have a high bounce rate, this might be as a result of your blog having or experiencing technical errors of which users get pissed off easily.

Fix all internal,  syntax errors,  bad links and ensure your Blog is error free.

How can you do this?

You can make use of Google search console to check all kinds of errors you are having with your blog.

  • Misleading or none-catchy title 

There is different between giving misleading titles to your blog posts and not using catchy titles. Either way, the two are bad and have a great effect on your blog's bounce rate.

You cannot expect me to stay glued to your blog when I click on a link only to realize you tricked me. Always give correct titles to your blog posts and make sure it is also catchy enough to draw readers' attention.

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  • Bad Backlinks

Backlinks are URLs that link directly to your Blog from another Website. I fully discuss about "backlinks" in this post - 8 Easy Practices For Beginners To Generate High-Quality Backlinks

Always make sure the backlinks that are pointing to your blogs are from blogs that have loyal and consistent readers and are reputable.

Now that we have seen some of the reasons why we have a high bounce rate on our blogs let's see how to reduce it.


7 Simplest Ways To Reduce Blog's Bounce Rate

1. Write Quality and rich contents 

Content is king.; you've heard this several times!

Write contents that are rich and are 100% plagiarism free, provide solutions to your readers and avoid copy and paste.

You cannot say you still don't know how to write quality content after reading this secret about writing quality content.

2. Work on your Blog's loading speed

If your blog takes a longer time to load,  there is a possibility that you would have a high bounce rate. Work on your Blog loading speed and ensure it doesn't take more than normal to load a page.

Here are few tips to reduce your blog's loading speed:

  • Don't pack too many images in your blog post
  • Always optimise each image you are using on your blog. Be it ad banners or post images.
  • Minify CSS and Javascript codes before you add them to your theme code editor.

3. Improve your site readability.

If visitors are no longer finding your site appealing,  that may be a sign that your blog posts look crappy to the eyes.

Write rich contents that are well formatted and are easy to glance through or skimmable and ensure your Blog design is cool.

Here are some applications to improve your writing

  • Grammarly
  • English Dictionary
  • Jetpack
  • SlickWrite
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Proofread Bot

4. Do proper On page SEO

On page Seo is the practice of optimizing your Blog posts to rank well on search engines and drive massive traffic to your blog

On page Seo has to do with

  • Title tags
  • Meta tags, descriptions
  • Internal linking
  • Use of relevant keywords
  • Image optimizations

Always make use of eye catchy and irresistible headlines with proper use of keywords and link to at least 2 or 3 relevant pages on each Blog post.

5. Avoid the use of too many intrusive ads

When ever I go through a web page and get distracted with intrusive pop up ads,  I get pissed off and immediately leave the site.

It is really annoying, visitors would leave your site if they get intruded with too many pop up ads.

Try as much as possible to reduce the number of advertisements on your Blog.

6. Use well-optimized images for your Blog posts

Pictures speak a thousand words.

They go alongside written words to improve users experience.

Always make use of relevant images for your Blog posts and add alt tags to them. This would make your rank well on SERPs,  and increase the time spent on your Blog

7. Know your target

If you Blog on a technology niche, always target those you know they can go crazy about technology news and updates.

You can not go about spamming on jokes and entertainment websites or Facebook groups and expect people to visit your Blog.  Even when they do,  they tend to leave your Blog from the first page since what you blog about is of no interest to them.

Know your target and works towards making them visit your Blog

How can you check your bounce rate?

There are a lot of free bounce rate checker tools on the internet

Example of such tools include

Google Analytics
Alexa. com

These web tools can be used to track your visitors and website traffic, allows you check which page is popular and which country is visiting your blog, and as well check your bounce rate

If your Bounce rate is below 50%, then you are safe,  but if it falls above 50%, then I  would advise you take precautions with the solutions provided above

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