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Latest Ways To Index Your New Post On Google Within 2 Minutes

Getting google index your post on search appearance can be tough and rough if you do not know how to do it. It takes an SEO expert to index their posts on Google Search within 1 minute of publishing.

Go ask yourself the big question, how can I index my blog posts within 1 minute of posting? Is common for every new blogger and even more common for experienced bloggers who pays deft ears to SEO. But the hacking trick is cheap and simple, you don't need to go further than reading this post to the end.

I will only want the WordPress users to update their ping lists and from there we move on to every other person. Advertisers are ready to pay you a good amount of money if they see that your Google search traffic is high with real human traffic.

Technology confirmed that Google is the top leading online base Tech that's most searched for. By default, every browsing device has Google as its search engines, especially in Nigeria and this may be because either Google is incorporated with these devices or something related.

In order to gain traffic as a blogger or webmaster, you need to tap from their free service. But how can you do this when your articles are not been indexed? The big question can be answered in just a few steps. I will lead you through as we index your recent post and I will make sure that you see it on search immediately.

I know many might have talked about this on their blogs. But I guess this might be the latest hacking trick. A friend once asked me on Facebook "how long does it take for Google to update search results" and I was like a second after publishing.

He was amazed and said to me; I have always formatted my articles well and keep for a good length of not less than 1000 words but yet I never see my articles on search even for two weeks. This is possible even when you generate your sitemap and submitted to Google but today I will help your situation.

How to Index your post on Google Search within 3 minutes of publishing?

I will put this in simple steps and heading formats. I recently interviewed GT Igwe for him to reveal his untold SEO secrets which gave me more insight of SEO. So follow this guide to put your articles on search engines quickly.

1. Generate your URL sitemap

Every blog has a sitemap that can be generated. You can either use an online tool to generate the sitemap (usually You can type that in your address bar to see if it brings your RSS.

2. Submit Sitemap to Google

Login to your search console webmaster account and head on to add sitemap if you have not done that.
Click "test" before submitting. If you have done this step move on to the other step below. Now, this is what you will be doing most times when you publish new articles on your blog.

Do you want more search traffic to your blog? Why not submit your blog's sitemap to Bing and Yandex webmasters tool. This has helped me pull thousands of visitors ever since I did.

3. Submit your URL to Google Notice Me page

You need to submit your new post URL to google in order to inform them of the new change or development on your blog:

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Paste the URL
  • Prove you are not a robot by entering recaptcha
  • Hit submit.


4. Ping your New post to search engines and directories

Another great work you are going to do here is to ping your articles to search directories and search engines. We are going to use Pingomatic to perform the task:

  • Go to
  • Enter blog title
  • Paste the URL of your new post
  • Click "select all" to select all directories
  • Hit "Send pings".

And Finally;

5. Fetch as Google

This is another great way to index your posts easily. This is very simple as other steps but with advances steps.

  • Go to search console>>>Crawl>>>Fetch as Google
  • Enter the URL (note: submit only the post link excluding your domain {i.e will be submitted as this-review instead of the other}
  • Hit fetch.
After completing these steps, wait for 5 minutes then go back to and search for the keywords and see the miracle.

These are the primary guides to off page SEO by Prosper Noah. Common Reasons Your Content don't get index by Search Engines. They could be reasons why your content was not index after following these steps. This is listed below.

1. Poor Content - If your content isn't up to google standard they won't be indexed. They either may have been copied and pasted which google may have detected or bad English that could not be understood by Google. I recommend you install Grammarly Premium on your computer for easy editing.

2. Wrong Keywords or Keyword stuffing - Don't over surf for keywords but rather let it be in a good range that would not be penalized by Google Panda and Penguin.

3. Sitemap & Robots - If your sitemap is not submitted properly, Google bots won't be able to crawl your site, check to make sure they are in good standard.
Hope you enjoy indexing your post on Google? enjoy Now your turn, let me hear it from your comments.

Author-pic Awogor Matthew is an internet marketer, a freelancer and a content writer at Review blog. He has helped many people grow their websites and blogs through his motivational tutorials. His blog is base on writing reviews on products and services then affiliate marketing. Twitter @awogorm

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