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Perfect Ways To Gain New Subscribers For Your Blog

I remember the very first day I started off as a new blogger, I had no plans of growing my email list at all.

All I had in mind was how to drive more traffic to my blog.  Back then all I did was spam the shit out of most social bookmarking and networking sites with loads of my blog links and posts thinking that was one of the best marketing strategies to promote my blog

This is one mistake every newbie blogger makes.
Instead of focusing on how to get more subscribers to their blog, all they do is spam active blog forums, groups, comments with their blog link and still expect people to click on it. At the end of the day,  they end up getting little or no traffic coming into their blog


Because they spend more time promoting their links on social medias the wrong way rather than focusing on how to build their email list.

When you post too many blog links often, many would consider it to be spam and would never want to click on it.

This is why you should be more focused on how to get new subscribers for your blog rather than posting on social media sites

Why building an email list is so important 

I said in a post earlier that "if you are not growing  your email subscribers, you are not willing to make money."

Emails are very good means of maximizing your engagement and promoting your contents to reach a lot of users online

The money is in the list,  every blogger needs an email list.

If you wish to start a blog, you need people that would always visit it from time to time

Content is key but what's the need of coming up with an informative and quality article like this one when there is nobody to read it?

I have seen so many people who write articles that are up to 2000 words,  SEO optimized and 100% plagiarism free but still find it hard to pull up 500-800 daily page views on their blog.


Because they never paid much attention to their email list!

Here are some of the reasons why you should start building an email list for your website:

  • You could rebuild your business using your email list

Running a blog is like having a business, you suffer a lot of setbacks and losses.  If you eventually lose your website, blog or social media community, you can still be able to revive your website and get in contact with your followers via an email list.

  • You own your email list

Your email list is private, it is your very own asset,  not even Google or any other authoritative website out there can take it away from you.

  • Easiest Means of Communication 

Emails are the easiest ways of communicating with your blog readers.   Not everyone would care to visit your Blog but they go through their email inbox every single day.  I personally have a list of all my favorite blogs and websites that I cherish and fancy a lot but I find it hard to visit them every day,  rather I go through my email messages.

If you are looking for the best way to pass an information across to your blog readers, then it is through an email.

  • Source of Traffic 

SEO is a complex process and is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your blog although so many people still find it hard to implement SEO  on their blogs.

See the simplest SEO practices for blogger blogs.

I have seen a lot of bloggers whose blogs are not indexed by Google but they still end up getting a lot of traffic to their blogs.


Because they had an email list!

If only you had grown an email list for your blog, you would not have been worried about Seo optimizing your site for search engines.

  • Email subscribers are more likely to be product buyers

If you ever intend on selling a product on your blog, then you should have an email list.  A person's email box is scared if any one would ever want to subscribe to your email list that is because they have a vast interest in what you are doing.

If you are keen on making huge sales for your blog products,  why shouldn't you start growing an email list for your blog?

Perfect Ways to get new subscribers for your blog

So now that you know how important it is for you to have an email list,  how do you grow your email lists with new subscribers?

  • Make it obvious

Don't just assume your blog readers know what to do.  Yes, I agree they are humans, they have a sense of humor but if you really want your readers to subscribe to your blog then you have to state it clearly to them.

How do I do that?

By making your subscription forms, buttons visible and adding them to your home page.

You cannot expect to get new subscribers for your blog when a visitor lands on your homepage and can't find any subscription option

  • Offer Incentives

You can also increase your blog subscribers by giving out something valuable in exchange for their email addresses. It mustn't be your own products or something you created, you can also give out premium themes, e-book, plugins or possibly anything that would be valuable to your customers.

Do you have a high bounce rate? These 7 tips can help you reduce a high bounce rate on your blog.

Be sure of what ever you promise, you cannot give what you do not have,  offer something you know you can give out so they do not end up unsubscribing from your blog

  • Write Guest Posts

Guest blogging on other blogs can also be a great way to increase your blog subscribers if done effectively.

When ever you guest post on another blog,  include your site URL before and after the post so you can be able to drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

Whenever someone visits your blog via the link you provided and goes through your blog posts,  if he or she finds them interesting and informative,  they might just end up subscribing to your email list.

  • Try Different Content Formats

You have a lot of readers with different perspectives,  some prefer written contents to images,  while some prefer videos and podcasts.  Don't just stick to one format, try alternating your content format so as to carry everyone along.

  • Make it easy

Most of the people who visit your website are doing so for the first time.   If you are really keen on getting new subscribers for your blog, then you should work on your blog design, ensure it is easy to navigate and do not ask for too many details whenever someone wishes to subscribe.

  • Ask for it

Your blog posts might be unique and 100% plagiarism free but you might still end up not getting enough subscribers for your blog why? Because you didn't ask for it.

Even the Bible said,  'Ask and it shall be given to you '

Your readers might not know you want them to subscribe to your blog , if you really wish to get more subscribers for your blog then you should ask for it.   A great way to do this is to ask your readers to subscribe to your email list below every blog post

  • Write Viral Contents

There are some blog posts that pull a lot of traffic and tends to go viral when posted.  Write about such topics,  promote and share them on other social networking sites, get a lot of people to come visit your Blog and ask them to subscribe to your email list.  If they are interested in what you are doing, there is no way they wouldn't want to subscribe to your blog email list.

  • Work on your CTA

CTA stands for Call To Action. If you really wish to get more blog readers to subscribe to your email list, then you should make it look like it is mandatory and compulsory for them to do so. You would loose a lot of blog subscribers if you make your call to action look asif it is not that necessary to sign up.

These are some of the perfect ways to get more subscribers to your blog.

While you are still at it,  can you help me grow my email list by subscribing to my email list? I offer my ebook - the complete blogging  guide for beginners - to my new subscribers.

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