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What Blog Platform Should You Go For? The Newbie's Guide

Are you looking forward to owning a blog someday, then you should be considering whether to make use of a free or self-hosted platform for your blog?

Choosing the right blog platform is crucial, and of utmost importance to your online success so we are giving out all you need to know about it.

I have seen so many people ask, 'what host platform is best for my blog.'
Some say free hosted as it requires less or no fees to get started, others say self-hosted as it gives your blog a professional look and a head-start over other blogs in the same niche as yours.

Everyone has his or her beliefs as to which blog platform is the best.

In this post, we are going to be looking at the definition of free and self-hosted blog platforms, together with some of the cons and pros so you would be able to choose that which is best for your business.


Free Blogging Platform

Many small business owners wish to own a blog and intend spending little or no money to keep it running.

A free blog platform is one which allows you own a blog online without having to spend too much.
You can start off a blog for free.  All you have to do is just open an account with them, register a domain, and you are ready to go!

Examples of some popular free blog platforms include:

1. Wordpress - Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms for bloggers. It is easy to use and provides you with a collection of blog themes which can be used to customize your blog

2. Blogger - Blogger is one of those host platforms that allows you start up a blog for free.

  • Easy to use.
  • Provides you with lots of free templates and
  • Requires little or no cost to get started

3. Tumblr - Tumblr is one of those blog platforms that makes your blogging life easy.

  • Easy to set up
  • Gives a custom domain and
  • Allows your blog directly from your mobile phone or desktop

What are some of the advantages of a free blogging platform?

  • Better exposure to search engines

Blogger is a free blog platform and is owned by Google.
Google supports her very own sites. Hosting your blog on a free blog platform like Blogger would get more exposure and organic traffic from search engines to your blog.
Being a newbie to blogging,  I would recommend you go for a free hosted blog platform like Blogger to gain more favor in the eyes of Google Search engine.

  • Easy to use interface

You do not need to able to write in different coding languages. Free blog platforms come with interface/designs that are easy to use for all newbies and doesn't require the formal knowledge of some programming languages.

  • Free and easy to use

Most free blog platforms are easy to use and don't require little or no initial costs to get started. All you have to do is to register an account with them.
Even If you have little or no funds to get started, you can still be able to own a blog of your own.

Disadvantages of a free blogging platform

  • Less control over your blog

One disadvantage of having to host your blog on a free platform is that you lack control over your blog.  One day the site might decide to change a few things in their policy, and you may end up losing everything.

  • No one might want to take you serious

If you actually plan on making blogging a full-time business, then you should be thinking of hosting your blog on a self-hosted platform.

No one might want to take you seriously if you blog on a free blogging platform. It also makes your blog look childish and unprofessional.

You would have to make do with a Blogspot or WordPress.com domain unless you wish to go for a custom domain.

Who should go for free blog platforms

Free blog platforms are best for all those who blog for fun or as a hobby and doesn't take it as a full-time business.

What is a self-hosted platform?

A self-hosted blog platform is one that allows you host your blog on a platform other than Blogger and  Wordpress.Gives you control over your blog and lets you edit, install custom themes and implement proper SEO techniques on your site.

What are some of the advantages of a self-hosted platform?

  • Gives you full control over your blog and access to back up files.

  • Install custom themes and gives your blog a professional look.

  • Provides you with some "add-on" called PLUGINS which makes your blogging life easy

Disadvantages of a self-hosted platform

  • Most self-hosted platforms are quite expensive and require a lot of cash to maintain

  • Its user interface can be quite confusing and intimidate for new bloggers.

Who should go to a self-hosted platform

Self-hosted platforms look more professional and are best for all those who wish to take blogging as a full-time business and not just for fun.

What category do you fall in?

How far do you intend to go to your blog and which type do you think suits you best?

Feel free to add a comment below.

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