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Writing For Search Engines That Also Goes Well With Readers

Bloggers can testify that it's not always easy to come up with a single line of words, talk more of trying to write an article for search engines that also goes well with your readers.

Search engine optimization (known as SEO) has always been a hard nut to crack, you always have to be on your toes to adjust to any changes in Algorithm from your targeted Search engine. Because sometimes, when you feel you're on top; that is when you get knocked out. SEO is a continuous practice because the best can be overthrown whenever the algorithm changes.

This post will certainly focus on Google because it's the most-used search engine. Nowadays, all we do is write articles for search engines forgetting the main reason you're even writing for search engine is to get those
the user, who click on your link among the search results.

I know search engine demands a lot of optimization, but the good thing is that you can optimize a particular post or page to rank high and also serve it purpose to your readers. Why do you think all top authority blog and pros remain at the top of search engine result pages for a particular post without coming down for long?

I will tell you and also teach how to write for search engine and readers at the same time to rank high on search engines. When a post is well optimized for search engines as well as for readers, it stays longer on Search engine result page because readers spend time on the post before leaving. This will also tell in your blog's bounce rate. This is how Google knows that the post is helpful and meaningful and will rank that post or page high for long.

But if your article is only written for search engine and it eventually ranks high, it won't last at the top before it drops down due to how high your bounce rate is. The information that users are looking for is not there just because you're busy optimizing for search engines and forgetting your readers.

What Do I Mean By Writing for Search Engine?

Before showing you the main game, let us take a look at what I mean by "writing for search engines."

  • Quality Post
  • Keyword
  • Interlinking
  • Image-Optimization
  • Videos to further explain
  • Url Optimization
  • Title Optimization
  • The H2 tag usage

Before you move on, take a look at this detailed guide to writing high-quality blog posts.

To rank high, no doubt, you need to learn and always apply those listed acts and techniques which are all on every ON-PAGE Seo tutorials you read.

In this post, we are not only talking about search engine ranking. We are also talking about sustaining your readers and also rank high on search engines, which has been neglected and nobody is telling you about that anymore.

What's the use of optimizing a page to rank high in a search engine when you can't keep the readers and turn them into returning and faithful readers? No use right? Then, there is a way to write for your readers and also rank high on search engines.

Are you still wondering the difference between writing for search engine and writing for readers? t
There is a huge difference which I have explained earlier. Don't bother yourself too much, as you read on you'll get to understand.


Seriously, your post title has a lot to do with your ranking and it also tells if readers will click to read it or not. In short, a good and catchy title has 85% power to drag readers to read the post.

How do you balance this?

1. Craft a good eye catchy title for readers (Read: 5 Incredible Ways to Start Writing Blog Post Headlines For Maximum Optimization)

2. Make use of relevant keywords in your title for SEO

3. Use short and precise titles lengthy enough for SEO

For example, "Top 10 Upcoming bloggers in Nigeria 2017" has the potential of ranking higher than "Top 10 new bloggers we have in Nigeria as of 2017."

Quality lengthy article

Pros will always tell you to write lengthy posts which are always good for SEO. With this in the minds of many newbies, you'll see an article where the author is only trying to make it lengthy depriving it of the main message.

Readers will spend more time to read an article without getting the message. Most newbies are guilty of this.

To keep users reading and to keep your post lengthy for Search engines, tell related stories, and not off-point stories. Define the various angles and terms you think it's necessary for them to know and don't forget to hit the nail directly.

Meanwhile, if the article does not demand that like a tutorial and others, simply hit the nail on the head.


Inter-linking is another technique for Seo. Don't only do this for Seo alone, but do it because interlinking can help your readers navigate to hundreds of other articles in your blog.

Interlinking within your posts also help Google to crawl your blog post easily and increase your search ranking.
"Keyword" is one of the relevant Seo techniques also, for you to rank high on search engine. But gone are the days when keyword stuffing was the real deal. Like I told you, search engine algorithm are always tweaked to suit their owners.

keyword stuffing no longer works, and in fact, putting keywords unnecessarily in a post will look like a black hat SEO strategy to most search engines.

Overdoing it will also irritate your readers and send them away because you will end up not delivering your message which they're on your blog for.

To rank high and keep your readers, you must balance the equation - put keywords where necessary.

Boring Write-ups

Don't be that boring writer that bores off readers away from his blog. Make your readers come back for more. How do you do this?

Bring out the humor in you. Write your blog post like you're telling a story. Write in a way that your readers would want to read the whole content. Arrange your headings and subheadings. Make your paragraphs concise enough and be meaningful.

Make your readers smile while reading a tutorial, or a regular blog post.

Image and Video Optimization

Image and video optimization is the newly discovered Seo bomb.  Thanks to the pros who always discover and share any latest SEO trick that is working for them or should I rather thank Google for revealing any changes to their algorithm?

Either of the way, image and video optimization helps a lot to boost search engine ranking. Most time, users prefer video tutorials to reading texts. Thanks to Youtube and other videos viewing and sharing channels.

Like the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words. It does not just end at uploading pictures, you must tell search engine about the pictures since crawl bot does not see pictures,

How do you do this?

You should simply use the Alt tag. I discuss few image optimisation earlier in this postEven though pictures speak more a reader needs more text on a page not just pictures and less text, infographics work a big deal, but not at all the time.

In other not to favor Mr. A (Search engine) and deprive Mr. B (your readers), don't just upload image not related to what you're telling them, 

In conclusion... 

Writing for search engines is not always the real deal if your readers don't find it appealing. You need to put your readers into consideration when you are writing or search engines.

With the above tips adhered to, you will not only rank high, but you will also get those visitors coming back because you are writing for search engines while putting your readers into consideration. This way, your post will stay on top of search engine results for a long time.

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