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Ways To Get In Touch With Your Blog Readers And Never Let Them Forget Your Blog

Building a Community around your blog is cool, especially if you would need that targeted traffic you so desire on a blog.

Do you really want to keep your readers coming back after first visit to your blog? Of course you wouldn't want to say No!

Getting repeat readers  helps build a community around your blog.  This results in More Traffic, Engagement etc.

Oh, sorry! I forgot to tell you. This post is coming from a tech blogger, Prosper Noah.

Author-pic Prosper Noah
Prosper Noah is the Founder of Tips On Blogging
When it comes to Growing a Blog, he’s the best in the game.
His tips have helped a lot of people start and manage their own Blogs

I'd would be showing you few tactics that's helped me achieve this easily and Fast!

Starting a blog is one step, another is getting people to the same blog and as well getting those you've been able to pull coming back more often.
These attracts
  • More Traffic
  • Comments etc

But How can you actually keep your readers coming back to your blog?

When I started my blog newly and I believed most newbies faced the same too, the main problem was getting readers to leave comments and share my articles.
Even when you managed to get few readers; get some shares and comments, they never return.


You may start wondering
  • Are my Contents not quality enough?
  • Am I getting something wrong?
  • Did I offend anyone?
  • Etc.
The Answer to above questions is No, you are probably not aware of the tips needed to keep them coming back.
Right here on the Post, I would share my tips; one that would help you get repeat readers.

Build Email List

One of the best ways to not lose a first time reader is to actually connect with him or her via email. Which is also known as getting him into your email list.

Once he visits, leaves a comment and he subscribes to your email list, then there are chances he'd become your regular reader from that day he optins to your newsletter.

But hey;

You can’t just get him to signup to your email list, you need to give him a reason to do so.

How do you get them to Signup to your Email List?

To make a reader signup to your email list, you need to give him or her a good reason. Its very simple; offer him unique contents and make use of content upgrades to attract him to your email list.
Content Upgrades are files e.g. Ebooks, Courses, etc.. you send to your readers automatically, when he signups for your email list.

If you've been taking email list building non-serious then you've been losing a lot of potential readers.   Start Building your Email List and keep your Readers Coming Back Often.

One thing is Sure here

Once they are in your list, they can always get notified when you have new contents and lots more.

Pass the Love: Comment on their Blog Posts, Tweet and Share it

So dude, they've taken their precious time to visit your blog, share your contents and many more. It's not as if there are not other fantastic blogs out there, but they've found your blog to be precious and so they are engaging with it.

Its time you also do the same, as they need someone who can comment on their posts, share it and bring in traffic just as they do on yours. Do not sleep and wake on your blog. Visit theirs too, let them know you are in for the relationship by commenting on their posts, sharing it and bringing in more traffic.

This way you are thanking them for visiting your blog. Remember, it would encourage them to leave even more comments, share your posts with their friends and bring you more targeted traffic.
I've made it a habit to make sure I comment any reader's blog who's also taken the time to leave comments on my posts one after the other.

Leave Guest Posts

These is one of the best ways to extend your relationship with a reader and get them coming back to your blog.

Here is how it works:
  • He's visited your blog and left his comment
  • You do same
  • Next: You strike up a guest post
This is how you can build relationship with that reader especially if he or she's in the same niche.
Throw up guest posts, get to know their own readers too and engage with them. This would go a long way in getting them to come back. As you are building the relationship already.

Guest Posting would help you build long lasting relationship with your readers easily and fast.

Reply to Comments

There's nothing as easy as this: you keep the readers welcomed to your blog when you make out time to reply to their comments. Sure, you may not be busy to reply to every comment, but it helps alot.
I reply to every comments on my blog and it's helped me in winning new blog readers as they get to know I'd always be there to reply to their questions not just in my post but also in the comment section.

Make out time to reply to every comment on your blog and you should see the improvement as time goes on.

Enable Comment Reply Notification

When you visit a blog newly and leave a comment; the next thing would be to leave the blog and if you happen not to subscribe to the email list of that blog, you forget the blog for Real.
The same happens when  a new reader visits your blog.  They read the lovely post, share and leave their comments and phew; they are gone.

They may get to forget your blog after that time and when they do, you lost a reader for good.

But No Problems

With the help of a Wordpress plugin, your readers can easily get a mail whenever their comment has a new reply on your blog. It will give them another chance to subscribe to your email list.

I make use of the Comment Reply Email Notification Plugin, its free and easy to setup. 

See why its good to reply to comments?

Now you know. So enable this plugin, then make it a habit to always reply to comments on your blog posts.

Wrapping Up!

See how easy it is to get readers coming back to your blog? Start Practicing these tips and be sure to share results.

Have any contributions and questions? do share in the comment section. Share with friends 

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  1. I want to say a big "thank you" to you, Prosper, for this wonderful piece.

    You have actually stated everything that bloggers (even a newbie) can do to make his new readers returning visitors. From building email list to blog commenting to guest posting and the rest; they are actually the perfect ways to get them coming back.

    You made mention of a plugin for Wordpress users, I want to add that this feature is also available for blogspot users too. Blogspot blog readers can also get notified by email when the check the "Notify me" box below the comment box.

    1. Hi Ilyas,

      Thanks for the opportunity to guest post on your Blog and share tips with your readers.

  2. Hi Prosper and Ilyas, I want to say you guys are doing real great here and am really impress reading this wonderful article by Prosper. Approving readers comments and replying to them is my utmost consent I'd rather don't approve them than not reply to them. That's where going to WordPress became handy because you're gonna take it as opportunity to control your blog

    1. Hey Matthew,

      Glad you loved the Post.
      Sure, when you take the time to reply comments, you are building a community around your Blog.

      Thanks for the contribution!

      Have a nice one!

    2. What's up Mathew? In addition to your contribution, I on the blogspot also prefer to accept every comments then manually delete spam comments than to moderate my comments.

      Because I also don't feel good if my comments don't appear immediately if I make them on some other blogs, and could make me not to make comments anymore on such blogs.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Prosper Noah is a great writer, I always enjoy reading his articles. Thanks for tips Prosper.

    1. Hi Jalil,

      Thanks for visiting ilyas'blog and for the kind words.

      Do share the tips with friends and have a great week

  4. Hi Prosper,

    You know, when I saw this post on fb knowing truely well that is was authored by my favourite writer, i was unable to skip coz I know prosper is about to add something in my blogging journey as usual.

    And yes I said it. He has just added something to me.

    You know, I have taken blog commenting as the major way to get decent traffic to my blog and to build relationship between blog authors and readers.

    Of course, Guest Posting is plus(+), coz for people to keep on seeing around the web on different blogs/websites, for sure he or she will love to know you more and will always fall in love with you website.

    I think I should end it here but I must you have covered all on how to get readers to come back for more in same blog.

    Thank to the Blog Author(Akinbola) for accepting this guest post. And to prosper publishing this great content.

    More Peace and Blessings.
    ~Sylvester Chidi

    1. Hi Chidi, you're welcome to easymadeblog.com probably your first time here.

      But to be sincere, what led you here? You already said it - you came to read a guest post by your favorite writer. That is to show guest post really woks like magic.

      The comment you made as well makee me feel to ask for your blog address. And this is how good relationship is built.

      Thank you once again for stopping by.

    2. Thanks Sylvester!

      Thanks for the kind words

      Glad you found something benefitting here once more.

      Have a nice day!


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