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12+ Untapped, But Profitable Niches For A New Blog [well explained]

Well, maybe you want a niche that's not too common, and, at the same time, is profitable. You want to stand out as a "real" blogger (unlike the copycat bloggers) who is unique in his own ways. But I believe you know; your uniqueness will not feed you or pay your bills - you have to make money from what you do.

I don't need to stress myself much on what a niche is. I already explained everything you need to know in this post - how to choose a niche and domain name for your new blog.

I assume you have already read the post, and I understand how eager you could be to find a new niche that's not too common but at the same time profitable.

And that's the reason why I compile these lists of well-explained, untapped, but profitable niches you can start with.

And maybe you wonder;

How do you know if a niche is Untapped?

It is simply when there is less competition in the niche; i.e., not much people are into the niche.

In other words, blogs that focus on this niche are not many.

Not that people are not interested in the niche, but they lack what it takes to start it.

And some do not lack what it takes, but they are only not aware of it; like you.

However, an untapped niche is not useful if it's not giving you enough profit. Like I said earlier, it must also be profitable; i.e., it must be able to fetch enough money.

This is when you want to ask me

What makes a niche profitable?

A niche is profitable when many people are interested in the niche. It is profitable when it proofs to solve people's problem. It is profitable when it has a high search volume (i.e., many people are demanding for it)

There is difference between a niche that proofs to solve people's problems and a niche that has a high search volume. No, these are two different things.

A niche may proof to solve people's problems, but people who could be faced with these problems might be few (or don't even exist). Let's say you blog about "blur vision", and you talk about the causes, effects, and prevention, you're actually solving people's problem. But in a case when there are not many people having this disease, makes this niche to be boring.

But when I talk about a profitable niche, I mean a niche that solves people's problems and also has a high search volume.

In case you're lost, I already explain how to do research if a niche has a less competition and also has a high search volume. So, read that before you choose a niche.

Curious to know the untapped but profitable niches you can start with? Then, let's take a look at them:

#1. Cheap phones and laptops

We are now in a world of technology. Phones and laptops have been very useful to both young and old. You would hardly find an average person without either of these two technological gadgets.

Besides, who wouldn't want to buy things cheap?

Running a blog that talks about cheap phones and laptops will be a very successful thing. Imagine thousands of people looking for cheap phones or laptops come across your blog, and yet, you offer them more than they expected. This only means more traffic and more dollars into your account.

Here are some topics you could be covering if you want to run a blog on this niche:

  • Cheapest phones in a particular month
  • Online stores that sell cheap phones and laptops
  • Where to buy cheap phones and laptops
  • Price differences between two markets/stores
  • Specifications of phones...and so on

#2. Men and women sexual strength

Both man and woman want to last in bed than their sex partners, and that's right....lol.

You will surely do well in this niche as long as man and woman continue to make love, and some people still search for solutions to their sexual problems.

Do you wish to start this blog niche? These are some random post suggestions for you:

  • Tips to last longer in bed
  • Ways to avoid STDs
  • Foods and drugs that increase sex strength
  • Health benefits of sex
  • Causes of quick evacuation...and so on

Also, products marketed on this niche will surely sell because sexual strength is one of the factors that keeps relationships in existence.

Partnering (as an affiliate marketer) with companies that produces sexual foods and drugs will not be a bad idea too

#3. Sugar daddy and mommy

Was so surprised when I saw the search volume for this niche. No, I didn't believe people who come online to look for their favorite sugar daddies and mommies could be this much.

Well, that's what I promise to deliver in this post. A niche that has a high search volume, and yet, a low competition.

I'm very sure you can be making huge money if you blog about this niche if you do it right. It's very simple and straightforward.

You can write about:

  • Places to meet sugar daddies/mommies in a particular location (say your state)
  • How to become a sugar daddy/mummy agent
  • How to hook up safely with sugar daddies/mommies
  • You can also make more money being an agent between sugar daddies/mommies and their customers

Converting your blog to a real dating site will drive a lot of traffic to your blog like you've never seen before.

#4. Cheap hotels

You can choose to talk about hotels, especially the cheapest ones available in a locality.

Many businessmen who travel from locations to locations might prefer searching for a cheap hotel to stay. Strangers who could be shy asking people about something could come online to search for cheap hotels in a particular location.

And if your blog happens to solve his/her problem, he/she could mark your blog as his favorite or refer your blog to his friends who needs the same thing.

You could also be making as much as possible from selling ad spaces for hotel managers on your blog when it is observed as a popular blog around the niche.

#5. Local language tutorials

It's a pity that I found a little blog in Nigeria that teaches people how to speak a local language fluently. And yet, people needs these teachings, as you can see in the Screenshot above.

People want to know more about their language and other local languages. They want to be able to translate their language to any other local languages without any software.

There's no doubt of not being able to make money if you seek for ways to run this niche successfully. I know a woman, Mrs. T. A. Fadiji who earns #3000 per hour per student. Imagine how much she would make teaching just 5 students at the same time for just 3 hours daily. She uses her blog to connect with people she teaches.

Even, using your blog to serve the role of a middleman to teachers and students who want to learn other languages is enough for you to make much money. An example of blogs that does this is tuteria.com.

Specializing in any 2 or 3 different languages can be okay for a start. The more you go deep in the niche, the better you become and would be able to maximize the numbers of language tutorials you offer.

#6. Automobile

Imagine how popular your blog would be if people learn for free, how to maintain their cars and other vehicles - that they pay for.

Setting up a blog that discusses the maintenance of vehicle engines and the likes will not be a regret, as the blog will be talking about the basics of the automobile like:

  • How cars and vehicles work
  • Gear structures of different types of vehicles
  • How to drive certain vehicles
  • Different manufacturers of vehicles
  • Daily and routine maintenance of vehicles...and so on

You don't necessarily need to be an automobilist to run this niche, as long as you have the ability to do research - one of the skills successful bloggers must have.

#7. Pets

Someone who loves pet and, or willing to buy pets may decide to come online and search for where to buy. Then, he comes across your informative blog about pets where you talk extensively about

  • Different types of pets
  • Advantages of rearing a particular pet
  • Ways to rear pets securely
  • Types of foods each pet eats
  • Buying and selling of pets...and so on

He'd be like wow - so amazing.

You can personally develop interest in pet (if you don't have before), and make huge bucks out of your blog by
  • Buying and selling pets
  • Giving useful information about pets to pet lovers
  • Being an affiliate marketer to companies that sell pet foods...etc.

#8. Job search

The rate at which people search for a job is alarming, especially in Nigeria. Meanwhile, there are few websites/blogs out there that give information about job vacancies.

It is a pity that many bloggers in Nigeria neglect this niche, and this is making people fall in the wrong hand.

The largest job search website in Nigeria, and also one of the top 20 in Africa (according to this source), jobberman.com is a good example of how to run a blog on this niche.

You can also start by

  • Looking out for companies that need workers
  • Advertise the vacancies to your readers
  • Give tutorials on how to write resumes and letters (with samples)
  • How to make excellent presentations
  • Skills needed by different companies...and so on

#9. Graphics design

I said in one of my posts, that I wasn't a graphic designer nor do I pay (in cash) for what I know. But I design. I only learn to design from blogs that run on this niche, with their blog posts and uploaded videos.

Do you also find yourself to be good at graphics designing? Why not run this niche to share your knowledge with your readers. People are waiting to read these kinds of blog

One of the best platforms to run this niche is on video blogs (vlog). You pass information to your readers by recording video tutorials that teach then about graphics designing and uploading them on your blog.

You can also upload these videos to your YouTube channel - a better way to make huge bucks on YouTube, as it is discussed in this post.

#10. Business ideas

I often find people asking this kind of questions on Facebook - what business can I start with #10,000 and so. Anytime I see that kind of question; I always imagine myself having a blog that teaches people what businesses they can start with a small or significant amount of money.

I always imagine further, teaching people

  • Lucrative businesses that can survive for certain periods of time
  • How to start certain small or big businesses
  • Businesses that can survive in certain locations
  • Business ideas for certain years...and so on

I keep imagining how much traffic my blog is going to attract a day (if the right tactics are applied) - and this means more money to my account, in so many ways.

#11. Smartphone tutorials

What about sharing information on how to use smartphones efficiently? I'm very much interested in this niche as I got decent traffic to blog posts about this niche when I used to write about it.

Many people are addicted to smartphones now, as it is the top leading category of phones that people use nowadays. And the percentage of individuals that doesn't fully understand how it works are many - meaning that people will be much willing to know more about their smartphones.

But it is unfortunate (or luckily for you) that blogs that offer tutorials on smartphones are not many, and this makes this niche very profitable for anyone who ventures into it.

Wondering the basic tips you could discuss on this niche? I'm here to help you out. Here are some suggestions:

  • Understanding each type of smartphones and how they work
  • Configuring smartphones for special purposes
  • How to carry out specific tasks on smartphones
  • Ways to make money with smartphones
  • Unique features of each type of smartphones...and the likes

You can also record video tutorials and do it the same way I explained in #9.

#12. Health

If health is wealth, then, people will care a lot about their health - and I know you do, too.

You cannot run this niche and still be a broke guy, as long as you do it the right way. People would go any length to maintain their health, as it is the only reason why we live.

Blogs in this niche are always profitable, especially when you cover the topics expected by your readers such as:

  • Health benefits of certain foods drinks, fruits, activities, etc.
  • Prevention and cure of certain diseases
  • Health habits
  • Prevention of STDs
  • Maintenance of different parts of the body...and lots more

You don't even need to be a doctor or a specialist to be successful in this niche. All you've got to do is to do research extensively and have the remaining skills required to be a successful blogger.

Bonus Niches

#13. Relationship
#14. Mobile market
#15. Pregnancy care


The list continues the more you do the research. But always remember; when you're choosing a niche, make sure

  • It is profitable
  • It is not too common
  • It has a high search volume
  • You have a little idea about it
  • You love it

Like I said earlier, you don't necessarily need to be an expert in any of the Niches you choose before you can be successful at it. If you just know a little percent more than your audience, you're good to go. Along the line, you build yourself.

This is a take away:

You can choose to combine two related niches together if you wish. An example is when you combine "Health" as a niche with "Pregnancy tips". They both go together...huh? That's exactly what I mean. Don't feel too tired to read this post before you choose a niche for your new blog.

And I say to you,

Congratulations on choosing an untapped, but profitable niche for your new blog. I wish you success. Do drop me a comment if you need any help.

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  1. Nice post, I think the pregnancy care niche is cool

    1. Yeah...All the niches mentioned above are cool.

      You've just stated your choice.


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