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5 Incredible Ways to Start Writing Blog Post Headlines For Maximum Optimization

When it comes to blog post titles (headlines), we all concur that it is what the readers see that triggers them to click on the "Read More" button. How well are you writing your blog headlines for maximum optimization?

I've come across some blog posts that have very great content, contents you'd love reading every time - but these posts lack catchy blog headlines. Initially, if you see these blog post headlines, you would not want to click on the link to read more. But if you mistakenly do, you would want to read over and over again.

These kinds of blog posts don't always show up on search engines. Why? It is simply because the headlines are irrelevant to the keywords used by users, to search for queries.

Let's take a look at these four headlines below when you search for "make money on Facebook":

  • How to make money on Facebook
  • I make much money on Facebook daily
  • 10 easiest ways to start making money on Facebook
  • Do you want to make money on Facebook?

Looking at these four headlines carefully, you observe that the four headlines contain the keyword phrases "make money on Facebook." But someone searching for this query must surely click on the best headlines he thinks is the best.

Have you also been using wrong headlines for your blog posts? Don't be worried anymore because reading this post today will put a stop to that. You will learn 5 different ways you can start to write catchy blog post headlines that attract readers.

Writing Blog Post Headlines For Maximum Optimization

#1. Research your headlines before you use them

One of the things I've learned to do since I become a blogger is that establishes always research my headline before I use it for a blog post. How do I do that? I do that in two different ways.

1. I search for my intended headline on search engines like Google and find out what other headlines people are using for that particular topic.

Let's say my intended topic (i.e., a topic I want to write on) is "How To Make Money On Facebook." personalizing is exactly what I type in Google search bar.

Here are some related posts on what I want to write:

Now I have gotten some ideas on the kinds of headlines people are using for this particular post.

2. I use keyword planner tools, the Google AdWords and Moz Keyword Explorer, to search for relevant keywords I can include in my post headlines. You can learn more about how to use keyword planner tools.

#2. Keep your headline short and precise

Some people don't know longer headlines don't always get clicked when there are lots of shorter headlines whose content can solve their problems.

Also, search engines like Google cut short your headlines when it is above 66 characters. I got to know this when I searched for one of my posts on Google.

A user who comes across this post would not likely click on my link because it has been shortened, and these unshortened characters seem meaningless without the full headline.

This is what I got when I changed the blog title:

Your post may also be hard for tweeter tweets if the headline is longer than tweet characters limit (140 characters).

So using a short and meaningful headline would help you optimize the post well.

#3. Use numbers in your headline

In the instance I gave above, it is much certain that the headline "10 easiest ways..." would get clicked more than the other headlines. Why? It is because I am telling people how many things they are going to learn if they click to read the post.

Here are some other examples:

In these examples, my readers already know how many things they would be learning if they click on the link. And you must not make this mistake when you're using numbers - don't write your numbers in letters, instead, write in figures.

Don't write "Fifteen mistakes newbie bloggers make," but "15 mistakes newbie bloggers make". Using words instead of figures would make your headline look long, and sometimes complex.

Also, use the highest number you could if your point is much. Readers would love to click on links with the highest number of points.

However, don't tell lies with your number by using "10 ways..." in your headlines and stating fewer ways in the post. This can cause lack of trust from your readers.

#4. Use call-to-action words

You should understand that people who are searching for a problem need urgent solutions to their problems. A call-to-action word would ginger them to click on your link first.

In the example above, I used "...start making money on Facebook"  because I know my potential readers want to truly start making money immediately...lol... So, it is easy to attract readers with call-to-action words like:

Right now
Fast method
Easiest way
Step by step, etc.

#5. Personalize your headlines.

Wouldn't you love it more if I change the full post headline to "10 tricks I use to make money on Facebook"? I bet you would because I personalized the post. I am using myself as the subject of the post, and you would want to learn the tricks I use too (because you trust me).

Take a look at these sets of headlines:

  • Creating a Sitemap for your blogger blog
  • Apps to blog conveniently on smartphone
  • Reasons why Android device hangs and how to fix them

And these;

It is very obvious that readers would like to click on the second sets of headlines than the first set. This is the power of personalizing headlines. It tells your readers that you have put the tips into practice. It establishes trust in your readers.


Compelling content plus great headlines make your post (and your blog) look very much outstanding. You need to try and change the way you use your headlines to see how helpful these tips are.

You you've got any method you use in writing blog post headlines for maximum optimization? Share it in the comment below.

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